The 2023 We Energies Cookie Book is honoring firefighters, law enforcement, EMTs and paramedics. We appreciate all they do to keep communities safe, and we want to share their stories.

First responders can be a part of this annual tradition by submitting their favorite cookie recipes, either as a group or giving credit to one amazing baker. We’ll put their cookies to the test and feature the best bakes in the 2023 edition of the Cookie Book.

To enter:

  • Fill out the form online at
  • Include the name of the department or individual baker along with the city or town
  • Tell us about the cookie or share a story.

Submissions are due Feb. 24. We only require that the department is within the We Energies service area. Send us your recipe today!

Cookie Book
This year marks the 95th anniversary of the first We Energies Cookie Book. The time-honored tradition began as way to promote electric appliances in 1928. In 2022, we distributed Cookie Books to over 220,000 customers.