It’s not every day you come across an American bald eagle on the side of the road, but that is what happened for We Energies employee Mike Baierl last week.

Mike was driving along County Road I and Shady Lane near Saukville, Wisconsin, when he saw something he couldn’t quite make out.

“I saw what looked like a black blob. As I got closer I saw the white head and instantly knew it was a bald eagle that needed some help,” Mike said.

Mike reached out to the Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Department to assist and they called Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Body cam video provided by Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Department shows the trio of rescuers corralling the injured bird safely.

Staff at Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation Center discovered the eagle had significant injuries and believe it may have been hit by a car. The next few days will be critical for future prognosis of this massive bird of prey.

Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation Center was very grateful that Mike stopped to help.

“Mike’s response prevented unnecessary exposure to the elements and interference from humans and other animals. He was our hero,” said a representative from the center.