Milwaukee — As the cold weather settles in for another year, We Energies is letting customers know their heating bills are expected to be lower this winter.

An analysis done by We Energies shows the typical residential customer will pay $50 to $60 less this winter compared to last year. The analysis assumes typical winter weather.

The predicted decrease is due to We Energies’ proactive approach to buying and storing natural gas when prices are lower as well as the worldwide decline of natural gas prices.

Working on behalf of customers

We Energies works every day to keep bills as low as possible as part of its responsibility to serve all customers.

The company uses a multi-pronged approach to make sure customers have the reliable and affordable energy they need, while limiting the impact of sudden price changes. The company buys and stores gas when it is typically lower priced, locks in guaranteed natural gas contracts at fixed prices and purchases gas in the market.

We Energies does not profit on the natural gas it purchases — customers pay the same price for natural gas that the company pays.

Assistance available

We Energies understands winter heating bills may be challenging for some customers.

Significant assistance is available. The state of Wisconsin is expected to have nearly $150 million in low-income heating assistance this winter.

Any customer concerned about their bill is encouraged to contact We Energies right away to discuss bill payment options, budget billing and energy assistance. Customers can connect with the company 24 hours a day online, through the We Energies app or by calling 800-242-9137.

Managing energy use

Customers can take steps to manage their energy use by scheduling an annual furnace tuneup, sealing gaps around windows and doors, and turning down their thermostats when they are away or asleep. For more low and no cost energy-saving tips, go to