A cat stuck on a power pole caused quite a scene in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood. A crowd gathered to watch as We Energies troubleshooters Greg Stuckert and Joel Frappier worked together to safely bring the feline down.

“They’re more scared than we are. They just want to be safe,” Stuckert told a reporter from WDJT-TV.

Stuckert and Frappier initially tried to use an extra-long ladder to reach the cat, but deemed that it wouldn’t be safe for them or the feline. So they suited up to climb the pole.

“This is what we do. This is everyday work,” Stuckert said.

As the crowd held its breath, Stuckert expertly climbed the pole, while Joel steadied the ladder and provided guidance from the ground.

When Stuckert approached the cat, he wasn’t sure how it would react, but it immediately greeted him with a few meows and a nuzzle.

Witnesses in the crowd said the cat may have been on the pole for days.

Stuckert gained the cat’s trust with a few pets, then gently put it in a pillow case to safely lower it to Frappier. After the cat was on the ground, Stuckert carefully scaled down the pole to reunite with his new furry friend.

“We are so thankful that they came out and quite literally, almost like, risked their lives to get this cat down,” Emilie Rackovan said to a local TV station. Rackovan, a resident of the area, took custody of the cat until the owner was found.

The owner told Rackovan that the cat escaped a pet sitter in December 2023. With the below zero temperatures in mid-January, the owner assumed he would never see the cat again. The cat, named Nairobi, is now back with his owner and they couldn’t be happier.