For 17 years, Emmitt Vaughner has worked injury-free at We Energies. His focus on safety started on day one and has remained every day since. Like many We Energies employees, Emmitt focuses on safety for himself and his co-workers — but he also has a special motivation.

“I do it for my kids; it’s important I go home safe for them. If Dad isn’t there, that can make life difficult,” Emmitt says.

Emmitt has taken on many roles within the company over the years. He recently accepted a new role as a troubleshooter, expanding his knowledge of the electrical system.

Emmitt helps to ensure he remains injury-free by proactively looking for obstacles that may be in his way, creating a potential hazard. “It’s so important to keep your head on a swivel,” he says.

Just as Emmitt is there for his family at home, he believes it is just as important to be there for his work family. He is sure to discuss safety with his colleagues and, when able, spends time at the company’s training center, assisting new employees and interns in their learning with safety training. He encourages all to speak up if they observe someone performing a task incorrectly, and advises them of the importance of taking their time when working.

Emmitt adds that being committed to safety protects the company’s greatest asset: each other.

Safety at Heart
We Energies is celebrating employees who keep safety at heart, as they reinforce our safety culture and take action to prevent injuries at work and at home.