Rob Gusk and Matt Tojek were conducting a routine inspection of the We Energies steam system last month when they came across a flipped vehicle on an empty road near the Kinnickinnic River. All of the air bags had been deployed, but it was unclear if anyone was still in the vehicle.

“We couldn’t see into the vehicle and weren’t sure if anyone was in there. We shined a light into the vehicle and a woman said she needed help,” Tojek said.

The pair helped the woman out of the car and called 911. As they waited for the paramedics to arrive, they talked with the woman to keep her alert. The pair said they knew what to do after participating in annual company trainings that include CPR and first-aid.

“We looked her over and saw only minor injuries, but we believe she was in shock from the accident,” Gusk said.

Without their timely intervention, the woman may not have been found for a long time. The vehicle was on a dead-end road during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

“I would hope everyone would do the same, when they come up on a situation like this. It wasn’t a busy road. It could have been hours before she was found,” Tojek said. “I’m just glad we were in the right place at the right time.”

The event was covered by WISN-TV: