We Energies is joining utility companies across the Midwest to expand electric vehicle (EV) charging options for drivers. The company has signed on to a multi-state effort to build and grow EV infrastructure.

As part of the collaboration, We Energies parent company WEC Energy Group pledges to expand the EV charging network within the service territories of its electric utilities — We Energies, Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) and Upper Michigan Energy Resources. WEC Energy Group joins 12 other utilities in a unified effort to make EV charging convenient and widely available throughout the Midwest.

Midwest EV charging network map

There are more than 2 million electric vehicles on U.S. roads today and, according to the Edison Electric Institute, there will be ten times as many by 2030. This effort to expand the charging network aligns with WEC Energy Group’s aggressive carbon reduction goals.

“This is another part of our effort to build a bright, sustainable future for our customers and communities,” said Kevin Fletcher, president and CEO — WEC Energy Group. “From Milwaukee to Denver, Green Bay to Oklahoma City and thousands of miles in between, this Midwest charging network will give EV drivers confidence they will be able to find a charger when they need one.”

For more information on the Midwest charging network visit https://ameren.mediaroom.com/ev

Beyond this program, WEC Energy Group is making significant investments in EV charging on its own. The company currently has 50 EV charging ports available for public use and its utilities We Energies and WPS recently received approval for pilot programs to help residential and business customers install EV charging systems in their homes and businesses.