We Energies lineworkers Jude Peruelo and Anthony Lynch have only been on the job for a short time, but they are already passing on their knowledge to a much younger generation — grade school students.

Peruelo and Lynch are recent graduates of the We Energies line mechanic internship program through Milwaukee Public Schools. They took some time ahead of Careers in Energy Week to virtually chat with pre-K to second grade students across the state about what it’s like to be a lineworker.

Lineworkers construct, maintain and repair the electric system that delivers power to customers.

The pair read the children’s book “If I Were a Lineworker” over Zoom to the students.

They also shared information about their careers, showed some of the tools they use, and answered dozens of questions, including “How do you stay brave?,” “What is your safety equipment made of?” and “Do you ever get bitten by spiders?”

Peruelo told students why he wanted to read the book to them: “It really teaches us that you don’t have to wear a cape to be a hero. Turning power on and keeping power on is really a great thing.”

Peruelo and Lynch told the students that taking high school classes about woodworking and construction, and participating in sports, helped them learn valuable life lessons that they use to ensure We Energies customers get the reliable energy they depend on each and every day.

The virtual program was put on by Wisconsin’s K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP).

The book “If I Were a Lineworker” was created and published by WPPI Energy in Sun Prairie.

View the book online.

Peruelo was also featured in a show-and-tell video that was shared with the students.