Visitors to the Milwaukee County Zoo may see a different kind of attraction this fall and winter.

We Energies crews are replacing more than 9,000 feet of natural gas pipes at the zoo. The pipes and equipment provide affordable and reliable energy for all the animals, humans and day-to-day operations at the zoo.

A study found that it would be more cost effective, with less long term impacts on the zoo and its operation to complete this project now. The project will meet future capacity needs for the zoo and reduce required maintenance and potential repairs on the natural gas system for years to come. The natural gas infrastructure being replaced went into service in the 1950s.

We Energies is working closely with experts at the zoo to make sure the work does not bother the animals or keep visitors from enjoying the world-class attractions.

If you see We Energies workers or contractors, feel free to watch them they go about their job but for your safety and theirs please follow all caution signs and stay away from work areas.

Work activities started in August and is expected to run through the end of the year.