Alyssa, Colin and John Poulakos are siblings who are all employed at We Energies. They also have the special opportunity of working alongside their father, Jim, as a colleague.


“They are all hard workers. They make me so very happy,” Jim said.

Jim Poulakos is a senior work methods and development consultant who has worked at We Energies for more than 18 years. His children are now following in his career footsteps. John is an electrical engineer at the company’s Port Washington Generating Station, while Colin is an IT infrastructure consultant and Alyssa is a summer intern.

“My dad always talks about how happy he has been at We Energies,” Colin said.

“Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life,” John said as he reflected on advice his father gave him growing up. The saying came to him quickly when asked about lessons he learned from his dad.

Colin shared that along with lessons of happiness, his dad also leads by example.

“He always gives 120% in every aspect of his job. I strive to do that too. I do my best, to give my best, and improve things around me,” Colin said.

Jim finds great joy in having his children work with him and observing how the lessons he taught them are now evident in their daily routines. He said that having his children in the same company, as well as hearing that his lessons have impacted their lives, is a precious “Father’s Day gift.”